How to Know If Someone Attached a Pen drive/USB Device To Your PC!

May 12, 2015 Off By Ashutosh Barot

Did you know that you can use Windows Registry Editor to check if a USB device was connected or not to your computer!by ‘USB Device’ i mean any device that can be connected via USB port of your computer.In some cases it can be a very serious matter.for example your friend’s external hard drive is caught by the police and it contained child is very crucial to prove that it is not yours.

one of the way for checking is to use ‘Registry Editor’ in Windows Operating System.Everytime when a device is connected to USB port of your stores its serial number and device information in its registry.and you can find them later ?

Here’s how to find the device information.


Press window key + R (open Run..)


Type ‘regedit’ (without quotes) and press enter.



Note:controlSet00x ,where x can be any number depending you


Here’s the list of all the USB devices such as Pendrives,External Hard drives etc ,connected to your computer.

Note:controlSet00x,where x means a number.

how to know if someone attached a pendrive to your pc

Click any Device ,they all have a unique device id assigned by manufacturer.and thus you can identify if a particular USB Device was attached to your pc or not!

Here’s what information your computer collected about a USB Device!

So, Next time if your pendrive is stolen! checking the suspect’s registry information might be a good idea!