How to watch movies via flash drive in Sony Bravia?

How to watch movies via flash drive in Sony Bravia?

July 8, 2018 Off By Ashutosh Barot

I am not sure if this issue persists in new versions of Sony Bravia, but in older versions of Sony Bravia, there was an issue while playing video files. People reported this issue on many forums, so I thought I should write something to guide people with this simple solution, which I tried. It’s free and very fast. you can covert large movie files of around 1 GB to m2ts within a minute and watch them using pen drive.

May be you are looking for a solution for the same problem. So here’s what you need to do in order to watch movies via pen drive in Sony Bravia if your TV did not recognize your video files.

You can try this solution for other TVs also.

Sony Bravia or (you can try this for other TV also) can play .m2ts file types.

1. Download ts muxer from here..

2. You will get a zip file, extract it. and open tsMuxerGUI.exe

3. Select M2TS as output and select your media file as shown in screenshot

4. click ‘start muxing’ button.

It is a very fast process, it took 10 seconds to convert a 1 GB video.

5. You can find your M2TS output file in this ‘m2ts output files’ folder. It is the same directory from which we opened tsMuxerGUI.exe

6. copy this m2ts file to your f;ash drive and plug it in your TV.

7.  Important and final step.. “Enjoy”